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Have you heard of little Jimmy The Koala?

He was hit by a car and nearly died. Luckily Jimmy the koala was rescued and survived.

He's the little koala who has become a big hit worldwide.

Jimmy has become an internet sensation after being posted on Tourism Australia's Facebook page.

Photos of the cute critter have generated more than 200,000 "likes'' on the social networking site and been shared more than 70,000 times.

The little orphan koala

Jimmy was orphaned when he and his mum were hit by a car on a road at Crescent Head on the NSW coast a few years ago. Found unconscious, he was rescued and returned to a nearby wildlife hospital that cares for Koalas.

After being introduced to other koalas at the hospital and rehabilitated Jimmy has been returned to the wild.

Jimmy's accident

In December 2009 Jimmy and his mother were both hit by a car on a main road. Jimmy was found by a passing motorist lying unconscious beside his dead mother on the side of the road who took him to a wildlife carer.

He was then transferred to the hospital and taken into care by one of the hospital home carers.

Poor Jimmy who weighed in at only 760 grams (he was quite underweight for his size) was suffering from concussion, severe bruising and was in great pain for the first week or so. 

Being such a tough little joey, Jimmy responded to the treatment and care he was given and he quickly recovered from his injuries.

Within a few weeks he began to gain weight and it was pretty evident he was becoming a very cheeky bold little koala.

In July 2010 he was released into a safe area and appears to have settled well in his new home in the bush.

Jimmy the koala being very cute

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Jimmy the koala
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