We at Koala Express adopted little Anwen, rescued from the bushfires.

Anwen's Story

This gentle young female koala was the third burns patient to be admitted from the Lake Innes fireground. Lake Innes Nature Reserve Anwen had suffered singeing to 90% of her body and radiant burns to her hindquarters. Anwen also has burns to the pads on her hands and feet.

Anwen Koala Port Macquarie Koala Hospital Adoption Certificate

Anwen has accepted the 5 star service at the Koala Hospital really well and loves the daily delivery of fresh leaf. Anwen has also found a perfect spot to sit in the unit that she can prop her very sore hands on so this has become “Anwens spot”.

Anwen the koala being treated

Port Macquarie Koala hospital staff treat Anwen, a female koala lucky to be rescued after bushfire burnt her home.

“We found her about six days after the fire and like all the animals she was incredibly dehydrated,” Ms Flanagan said.

The hospital team, which includes 150 volunteer carers, spent a day syringing electrolyte fluids into Anwen’s mouth, which helps her to rehydrate*, while she rested in her “five-star hotel”: A laundry basket with a pillow, a fluffy towel and another laundry basket on top to make a cosy house.

Anwen the koala recoveringAnwen the koala recovering 

'Lucky' koala rescued

A koala has ended up behind the wheel of a car after it was rescued from the South Eastern Freeway on Monday morning.

Anwen Koala Port Macquarie Koala Hospital Adoption Certificate

A koala has made a lucky escape after a dash across Adelaide's South Eastern Freeway, but SA Police has warned drivers not to rescue animals on busy roads.

A koala crossed the South Eastern Freeway on Monday morning. It is believed to have caused a six-car pile-up on the motorwayPeak-hour traffic came to a standstill and the koala was rescued

Nadia Tugwell told ABC Radio Adelaide the furry creature ended up travelling in her car after several cars collided on the South Eastern Freeway this morning.

Ms Tugwell said she was driving down the freeway when she noticed cars were slowing down, and was about three cars back from the collision.

"I was minding my own business and next minute I see a little koala between the cars and the concrete barrier, right near me," Ms Tugwell told ABC Radio Adelaide's Sonya Feldhoff.

"Then I saw a lady running after it with a blanket trying to catch it."

The two women managed to corner the koala before wrapping it in a jacket and putting it in the back of Ms Tugwell's 4WD.

"The boot is open to the rest of the car, the seats were all up, I wasn't prepared to save a koala," Ms Tugwell said.

Ms Tugwell said she arranged to meet a volunteer from Adelaide Koala Rescue at the service station at the bottom of the freeway. When she arrived at the service station she checked to see how the koala was doing.

"I peeked over the seat and pulled the jacket back and it looked at me all cute and sweet and innocent," Ms Tugwell said.

"I was sitting in the driver's seat waiting for the rescuer to come, and then someone started tapping me on the shoulder.

"That was the koala trying to get between the headrest and the window onto my seat."

The koala then made itself comfortable clinging onto the steering wheel.

Hero Border Collie named Bear braves bushfires to save stricken koalas by sniffing them out

The Border Collie-Koolie cross is the only dog that can sniff out koala fur.

Wearing socks to protect his paws, he is sent into safe burnt-out areas.

He walks around and then sits very still to alert handler when koala is near.

Bear has been deployed in fire areas in New South Wales and Queensland.

Photo of bear wearing his protective jacket

A dog named Bear has been helping firefighters save injured and orphaned koalas from forests left devastated by bushfires. The Border Collie-Koolie cross is the only dog in the world that can sniff out both koala faeces and fur. Wearing socks to protect his paws, he is sent into safe burnt-out areas and sits very still to alert his handler when a koala is near.

Animal charity IFAW shared photos of Bear in action on Monday in a post which read: 'Unfortunately no signs of koalas were found, but we are hopeful that survivors will be found in nearby areas.'

Bear was abandoned by his owners because he has obsessive compulsive disorder which means he does not like to play.

He was rescued from a pound by Sunshine Coast University where he was trained to find koalas and is now based.

IFAW campaigner Josey Sharrad explained why Bear's job is so important.' Now, more than ever, saving individual koalas is critical,' he told the Brisbane Times.

Photo of injured koala recoveringPhoto of bear the rescue dog smiling

'With such an intense start to the bushfire season, it will be many weeks and months before some of these fires are out,' he said. 'All the while, wildlife will continue to need to be rescued and treated, and might remain in care for some time. The road to recovery will be long.'

On Monday a burnt koala was among those rescued in New South Wales. The koala named Flash was found in Taree with burns so severe he had to be sedated before treatment. 

Close up photo of Flash the rescued koala 


Here's the story of a little koala who for a moment thought his mum was a dog.

After falling from a nearby tree the little joey was confused and scared.
Luckily it found un unlikely hero, Tony the dog in an Adelaide Hills home.

Koala going for a ride on the back of Tony the dog

Tony must have been confused by this strange, cute little creature clinging to his back, but he seemed to understand the little joey was in distress.

There is a happy ending. The little joey eventually said goodbye to his new friend Tony after climbing off and scurrying back to his mother in a nearby tree.


A koala that was hit by a car and dragged at high speed along a busy highway for kilometres has astounded wildlife carers with a speedy recovery.

The young female was attempting to cross the Pacific Highway, north of Kempsey on the New South Wales Mid North Coast, when she was struck by a car and became caught in its front grille.

Cheyne Flanagan, the clinical director at the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital, said when she heard what had happened she expected the animal to be severely injured. "I am not sure if the gentleman driving knew he had hit her or not," Ms Flanagan said. "[She] was dragged 10km along the highway, with the back legs down.

Wazza the koala looking very happy after recovering

The koala, which has been named Wazza, was estimated to be only three years old.

She has been in the care of staff at the koala hospital since the accident a week and a half ago.

She has had the bandages removed from her legs and feet and has been moved from the intensive care unit into one of the hospital's outside yards to move freely.

"The big problem is where we should release her — there's not a lot of trees where she came from," Ms Flanagan said." When we pick up a koala we try to put them back generally within 500m of their capture point."

They have home ranges and if you try and put them anywhere away from their home ranges they'll go back to them, and then they have to run the gauntlet yet again of cars and traffic and fences."

Wazza sleeping in a tree

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